Sakura Imperial


There are a lot of fragrances that will accompany us towards infinite destinations that have always been our dreams…As such, Sakura Imperial is our guide capable of pulling us in the cheery blossoms of Japan. This fragrance is the perfect representation of cohesion and balance between primary materials of different natures.

Sweet, floral, warm…A brilliant opening thanks to essential oils of Italian Lemon, Madagascar Cypress and black Pepper with a touch of Chamomile flowers fill the heart with sensual majesty and spring flowers of Sakura accompanied by salicylates and Apple flowers, from refined elegance of absolute Jasmine and Clackcurrant flowers. A reassuring Sandalwood essential oil on the base together with the softness of the Tonka Bean and Raspberry flowers seal our voyage towards the land of the rising sun.

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Top Notes: Italian Lemon e.o., Chamomile flowers e.o., Madagascar Cypress e.o., black Pepper e.o.

Heart Notes: Sakura flower, Salicylates and Apple flowers, Jasmine abs., Blackcurrant flowers

Base Notes Sandalwood e.o., Raspberry flowers, Tonka Bean abs.

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100 ml, 30 ml