Ce n’est pas un Patchouly


The name of this fragrance was chosen to evoke its originality.

Indeed, although it contains a high percentage of patchouli essential oil, this is not a classical “patchouli” perfume. Lucien Ferrero’s guiding idea was to metamorphose this essential oil into light and elegant volutes that rise high into the firmament. In order to obtain this unique and unforgettable result, he surrounded patchouli with a mate absolute that lifts its dark and somehow heavy note and brings it up to the sky, making it ready for a tea with the angels. Citrus fruits, spices and a warm base give to this fragrance a mysterious aura. At the base, benzoin and tonka bean build up a long-lasting enveloping scent, like a perfumed hug.

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Top Notes: Bitter Orange e.o., Italian Lemon e.o., Bergamot e.o., Peppermint e.o., Egyptian Geranium e.o.

Heart Notes: Carrot e.o., Mate Tea abs., Patchouly e.o., Nutmeg e.o.

Base Notes: Gaiac Wood e.o., Fir Balsam abs., Benzoin Resinoid, Tonka Bean e.o.

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100 ml, 30 ml